OLC Testifies Before Senate Finance Committee

The OLC testified today before the Ohio Senate Finance Committee and urged lawmakers to maintain funding for public libraries in the Fiscal Year (FY) 2024-2025 state budget at a minimum of 1.70% of the General Revenue Fund. OLC’s Executive Director Michelle Francis discussed how libraries provide a wide range of services to Ohio’s citizens based on the needs of each individual community. She provided specific examples of what libraries did during the pandemic and what they continue to do today, such as expanding digital collections and Wi-Fi access.

Jay Smith, OLC‘s Director of Government and Legal Services told lawmakers that the demand for library services is continuing to expand and increase, and that keeping up with that growing demand is only possible with adequate state funding. He asked that the committee increase the PLF should the Senate make any reductions to the state’s General Revenue Fund.

A transcript of the testimony is available on the OLC website.