Advocacy Tools and Templates

Use these tools and templates to become a powerful advocate for Ohio’s public libraries.

2023 Legislative Day Talking Points (PDF)
Maintaining the Public Library Fund (PLF) at a minimum of 1.7% of the General Revenue Fund (GRF) is critical as the usage and demand for library services is increasing. If additional changes are made to Ohio House Bill (HB) 33 that could impact the state’s GRF base (indirectly reducing the PLF), we are asking the General Assembly to increase the PLF to offset those reductions.

We are urging lawmakers to:

  • Make public libraries a priority in the state budget (HB 33).
  • Maintain PLF funding and set the permanent law language at a minimum of 1.7% of the state’s General Revenue Fund (GRF).
  • Hold public libraries harmless from any additional reductions in state funding (HB 1).

2023 Advocacy Calendar (PDF)
Month-by-month calendar of advocacy activities and ideas to use at your library throughout the year.

ROI Calculator
Enter data and calculate your library’s return on investment.

Who’s My Legislator? Bookmark Template (PDF)
Personalize these bookmarks with your legislators’ information and share them with your library customers.

How Our Library is Funded Template (PDF)
Customize with your library’s information.

Library Statistics Template (PDF)
Personalize with your 2022 data.