ROI Calculator

An investment in Ohio’s public libraries is an investment in Ohio. Use the Local ROI calculator below to determine your library’s return on investment to the community.

Return on Investment

Local ROI Calculator (download Excel spreadsheet) – New for 2023!

Within the document are four tabs:

  1. Instructions on how to complete the calculator
  2. Actual ROI Calculator
  3. Explanation of what the ROI figures mean and how to utilize them; and
  4. Notes on the pricing and cost assumptions.

NOTE: It is helpful to print the “Instructions” worksheet first and gather your information before entering the data.

Instructional Webinar

A webinar tutorial is available that explains how to use the ROI calculator.

Presenters: Howard Fleeter, Economist, Fleeter & Associates; Michelle Francis, OLC’s Executive Director; Jay Smith, OLC’s Director of Government and Legal Services

View webinar [run time: 46 minutes]
Originally presented in 2021.

If you have further questions, please contact Jay Smith, OLC’s Director of Government and Legal Services, at