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Make Public Libraries a Priority in the State Budget

Ohioans love their libraries.
With more than 7.7 million registered borrowers, Ohio’s public libraries are a resource that Ohioans increasingly turn to for a wide variety of services. Our public libraries are extremely popular and have the highest use per capita in the nation. We continue to rank at the top nationally for the highest percentage of registered borrowers, highest number of visits, and highest circulation. Our success is dependent on the strong partnership between the state and the local library systems.

In Ohio, public libraries are funded through the Public Library Fund (PLF). Each month, the PLF receives a percentage of the state’s tax receipts that go into the state’s General Revenue Fund (GRF). Governor DeWine’s budget proposal includes a commitment to Ohio’s public libraries by funding the Public Library Fund (PLF) at 1.7% in FY 24 and FY 25 in permanent law.

On April 26, The Ohio House of Representatives passed their version of the state budget bill, House Bill (HB) 33.  The House’s version continues to recommend funding the Public Library Fund (PLF) at the same level as in the governor’s proposal at 1.70% in permanent law. Now, we are asking the Ohio Senate to make public libraries a priority in the state budget, set the permanent law language at a minimum of 1.7% of the GRF, and hold public libraries harmless from any additional reductions in state funding.







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