ROI Calculator

An investment in Ohio’s public libraries is an investment in Ohio. For every $1 spent by Ohio’s public libraries, more than $5 in economic value is returned to Ohioans. Use the Local ROI calculator below to determine your library’s return on investment to the community.

Return on Investment

Local ROI Calculator (download Excel spreadsheet)

Within the document are four tabs (at the bottom):

  1. Instructions on how to complete the calculator
  2. Actual 2015 ROI calculator
  3. An explanation of what the ROI figures mean and how to utilize them
  4. Notes on the pricing and cost assumptions.

Please note: Before entering your library’s data into the yellow-shaded cells, it is best to print out a copy of the “Instructions” tab separately and gather the data to be entered.

Statewide ROI Report

The OLC conducted a statewide return on investment study of Ohio’s public libraries and the economic benefit they provide to Ohio and its residents. This is an in-depth analysis of the Return on Investment (ROI) to Ohio taxpayers for utilizing Ohio’s public libraries.


$1 = $5.48 graphic