White Paper and Talking Points

Restore the PLF

The need and demand for our services and the expectations of Ohioans related to technology, broadband access, educational services and workforce development has increased, but library funding has been cut by more than $113 million since 2001 — a 23% reduction in funding over the last 17 years with no adjustment for inflation. Now is the time to restore the Public Library Fund.

We are asking the Ohio Senate to:

  • make public libraries a priority in the Senate version of the state budget;
  • support Amendment SC3424 to restore the Public Library Fund to 1.7% of the GRF; and
  • hold public libraries harmless from any additional unintended reductions in state funding resulting from the tax reform proposals.

White Paper (PDF)

HB 166 Talking Points (PDF)


How Public Libraries Use State Funding

Ohio’s Public Libraries…

  • provide public access to the Internet, computers and the latest technology (including mobile WiFi hotspots, 3-D printers, and more).
  • help Ohioans find jobs and provide online educational courses.
  • offer literacy and homework help for children.
  • serve as the hub for their community and a place for people to gather.
  • collaborate with private groups as well as state and local government entities to help deliver local services.
  • provide life-long learning opportunities and programming for all ages.
  • offer personalized, one-on-one support to find unbiased and well researched information as well as community resources.
  • Unlike schools and other local governments, public libraries do not receive state funding for facilities/buildings through the Capital Appropriations Bill. The only option is to utilize operating funds, pass a bond levy, or borrow extremely limited amounts of funds.