Contact the Ohio Senate and Ask Them to Protect the PLF

PLF graphic

Currently, Ohio’s public libraries receive $119 million LESS in state funding than what they did in 2001 – a 24% reduction in funding over the last 15 years with no adjustment for inflation.

The Ohio Senate will be deliberating the FY18-19 state budget (HB 49) over the next three weeks. Due to lagging state revenues, the Senate has indicated that they plan to make additional cuts to the state budget. It is imperative that they hear from public libraries between now and May 31.

Encourage members of the Ohio Senate to:

  1. Make public libraries a priority in the state budget.
  2. NOT make additional cuts in funding to public libraries.
  3. Maintain our current FY17 level of funding at 1.7% of the General Revenue Fund.

Share our story and our message, but be sure to be respectful when you are contacting state senators. Even if you have already made contacts with senators in the past, we need you to make them again, especially now that the bill is officially before them. Take a look at the advocacy tools to get help on how to convey this important message and protect public library funding in Ohio.