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Help Us Restore Public Library Funding in Ohio

[UPDATE: Governor Signs State Budget – PLF Set at 1.7%]
Ohioans love their libraries. With more than 8.5 million registered borrowers, Ohio’s public libraries are a resource that Ohioans increasingly turn to for a wide variety of services. Libraries are much more than shelves of books and quiet study tables. Today’s libraries are energetic places for information, education and adventure. Public libraries play an essential role in the community, improve the quality of life and give everyone a chance to succeed. We are proud that Ohio has the highest library use per capita in the United States. Our success is dependent on the strong partnership between the state and the local library systems. In Ohio, public libraries are funded through the Public Library Fund (PLF) which currently receives 1.68% of the state’s General Revenue Fund. Public libraries are receiving $113 million LESS than what they received in 2001 and that doesn’t account for inflation over the past 17 years. It’s time to restore the PLF!





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