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Ohio’s public libraries currently receive $119 million LESS in state funding than what they received in 2001! And yet, Ohio’s public libraries are top in the nation with the highest library use per capita in the United States. Ohioans love their libraries. Nearly four out of five residents is a registered library card holder—that’s more than 8.7 million Ohioans!

Ohio’s public libraries are funded through the Public Library Fund (PLF) which currently receives 1.7% of the state’s General Revenue Fund (GRF). The Ohio House passed its version of the state budget lowering the PLF for the next two fiscal years to 1.66%. The Senate’s version minimizes the proposed reduction to the PLF by temporarily setting the PLF at 1.68% of the GRF. Now, we’re  headed into the final stretch of the budget process.

UPDATE: Tell Lawmakers to Keep PLF at 1.68% of the GRF.





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